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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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JULY 15. 1909. 


He was one of those poor, 
mangled creatures, torn to piec- 
es by a Spanish shell, who had 
been hauled back to the open air, 
so called field-hospital, some 
miles to the rear of the fighting- 
line, that awful night at Santi- 
ago, July 1st, 1808. 

He had raved in delerium ever 
since, and even when tenderly 
moved into a Red Cross tent 
ward, where he received better 
care and food, the handsome 
though somewhat dissipated face 
wore either a look of blank un- 
consciousness, or was distorted 
in an agony of delirium. 

His badge of identification, 
which the men wore who went 
into the fight that day, had been 
lost off his torn, bloody shirt, so 
no one there knew his name or 
regiment; however, he wore, on 
a slender chain, a large hand- 
some medal of St. Anthony; en- 
graved on the back of it was this 
inscription; "St. Anthony guide 
you. M. H. A." The nurses — 
a sweet lot of girls— all non-Ca- 
tholics, however, but not mean- 
ing any irreverence, dubbed the 
unknown soldier "St. Anthony." 

His ravings were an odd jum- 
ble; he was constantly begging 
"Mary" to forgive him; he would 
ask so piteously for a letter and 
mutter something about St. An- 
thony. * 

"The crisis will come to-night, 
nurse," the junior surgeon said, 
as he hurried through the ward; 
if he wakes conscious and asks 
for that letter he is constantly 
raving about, try and satisfy 
him some way, for it is his only 
chance for life. Here is a lot. of 
unclaimed mail, sent here after 
having been through every hos- 
pital on the field; give him one 
of these," and the weary, hag- 
gard-looking doctor hurried ou 
to a hundred more cases just as 

The nurse, by the light of one 
commissary candle, scanned the 
addresses on the little pile of 
worn, dirty letters. 

The handwriting on most 
of them was illitterate, and 
hardly decipherable, but as her 
eyes caught sight of a fashion- 

able square blue envelope, with 
a tiny inscription in the corner, 
her heart gave a great jump, for 
in a pretty feminine hand was 
written "St. Anthony, Guide, 
M. H. A.'" 

The letter was so covered with 
forwarding directions that the 
name on it was barely discernible, 
but the nurse, after careful ex- 
amination, made it out to be 
Lieut. John Moore, 5th Army 
Corps, Cuba.' - No divission, bri- 
gade, regiment or company. No 
wonder it had never reached its 
rightful owner, 

The boyish figure on the cot 
stirred uneasily. "Mary, forgive 
me." It was the same cry he had 
uttered all along. 
■ The nurse's eyes filled with 
tears as she laid her hand on the 
poor boy's hot head. "Mary has 
forgiven you," she said softly. 
Suddenly the big black eyes 
opened with the light of reason 
in them, and the poor fellow 
whispered weakly. "How do you 

"Here is a letter from Mary 
which your St. Anthony brought 
you; to tell you so, Lieut. Moore.' 

It was an experiment, but one 
worth trying. 

"Read it to me," was the mur- 
mured request. "How do you 
know my name?" 
And there, at the bedside of the 
almost dying hoy, by the faint 
flickering candle-light, the nurse 
read the message of love, pity 
and forgiveness, which came 
straight from a sweet, honest 
girls heart. Presently, with a 
look of peace in his face, the 
poor fellow slept; the precious 
letter clasped in his fingers. 

The doctor made his rounds 
again before reveille. "Why 
nurse, what have you done to 
St. Anthony?" he asked. 

■'This is Lieut. John Moore, 
doctor," replied the nurse bright- 
ly, as the patient opened his eyes. 
"The letter you brought him last 
night has worked the cure." 

"Good," remarked the doctor 
heartily, though somewhat puz- 
zled until matters had been ex- 
plained to him. "Moore, Lieut. 
John ' Moore,"' exclaimed the 
busy surgeon. "His name has 
evidently been on the list of miss- 

ing; yes, that is the name, I am 
sure. His friends are cabling 
about him. I have an order here 
to search my wards for the miss- 
ing officer, or any information 
concerning his fate. It is odd, 
nurse, that you should have 
found the missing man." 

"But I did not, sir; it was St. 
Anthony." And then she told 
the whole story. 

"Well, well, that is a curious 
story," remarked the surgeon; 
"but strange things do happen 
which our human phylosophy 
cannot explain. Shakespeare is 
our authority for that, nurse." 

Some two months later the 
nurse, still in her uniform, with 
her red cross on her arm, was 
present at a lovely little wedding, 
in a small village in northern 
New York. The groom, a hand- 
some young officer, used a crutch, 
the bride, the sweet "Mary" of 
the letter, wore for her only or- 
nament a large silver medal of 
St. Anthony. As the Nup- 
tial Mass was finished and the 
venerable white-haired priest 
blessed his children the two 
young people crossed over to the 
shrine of St. Anthony and knelt 
in silent thanksgiving, as every 
one in the village congregation 
knew the story of how St. An- 
thony guided the lost letter to its 
owner and thereby saved his life, 
and won him his sweet bride, the 
people knelt, too, in quick lov- 
ing sympathy. Soon the Red 
Cross nurse found herself kneel- 
ing with the rest. 

"Such love and faith,'' she 
murmered; "I only wish I shar- 
ed it." Then suddenly she whis. 
pered, St. Anthony guide me." 

Fort Totten. 

June 3. Grace Vivian May 27 
1909 hehan tonpi; Robert Char- 
boneau qa Mary Papin cunwin- 

June 6, George, May 13, 1909 
hehan tonpi: Felix Little qa Ma- 
ry Louisa Kaiyowasawin cin- 

June 10, Sam, June 4, 1909 he- 
han tonpi; Frank Black-boy qa 
Agnes Ironheart cincapi. 

Hantesa Tipiwakan Womnaye 
Kin Etkiya Fort Yates Etanhan 
Lena Kiconpi. 

Louis Endres $ 5-00 
Mrs. Little Soldier 2 00 
Kary Louisa Archambauult 1 00 
Paul " " 1 00 
Percy " " 1 00 
Rose " " 100 
Joseph Gates 1 00 
John Gates 1 00 
Mary Jane Higheagle 5 00 
Raymond J. Higheagle . 2 00 
Robert Higheagle 2 00 
Mrs. John Grass 5 00 
Josephine Dunn 5 00 
Jimmy McLaughlin 25 
Charging Thunder's son 2 00 
Philip Bullhead's grand- 
children 10 00 
Wawihaktawin Buffaloboy 1 00 
Glinajinwin 1 00 
Otaapewin Buffaloboy 1 00 
George Halsey 1 00 
Michael " 1 00 
William Archambault 100 
Sophie " 1 00 
Robert " 1 00 
Ruth Twin |5 00 
Joseph Yellow 2 00 
John Yellow 2 00 
James Yellow 2 00 
Ruth Twin 2 00 
Jennie Crowman 1 00 
Cinpiwin (Ohanyukena] 1 00 
Tunkan " 1 00 
Clara Lafromboise 5 00 
Fred Brave 5 00 
Josephine Kidder 2 00 
Fintan Elk [Buffaloboy] 1 00 
Robert Elk Jr. " 1 00 
Blokaciqala [Yeilowbird] 1 00 
Wawicasi-sni 1 00 
Yacopisni 1 00 
Wakadkinapewin " 1 00 
Tikayena " 1 00 
Grace P. Spangler 1 50 
Jennie Blueboy 5 ,00 
Philip Frosted 5 00 
John McLaughlin 5 00 
Josephine Zahn 5 00 
Benedicta Archambault 1 00 
Josephine Dunn 1 00 
Ruth Twin 2 00 
Itancanagliwin 1 00 
Jennie Blueboy 1 00 
Hoksinasica 1 00 
Fred Brave 1 00 
Charlie Halsey 20 

Mitakodapi, St. Joseph qa St. 
Mary yaonpi kin dena nayaronpi 
kta oncinpi. Nina canteon waste - 
pi qa pida onkeyapi. 

Andrew Ironroad. 

JULY 15, 1909. 


Cannon Ball, N. D. 

June 21, 19C9. 

Hekta May 30, hehan Hantesa 
omniciye etanhan Crow Chost 
Inyanconkaskela ekta tipiwakan 
awamnaye i unkan lena tipiwa- 
kan okiyapi. 

Tarcakute $5 00 

. Rose Melda Taniniciye wa- 
stewin 25 

Joseph Zintkalanupa 25 

Tommy Otterrobe 50 

Jerome Otterrobe 50 

Mr. Hallow 25 

Bobtailbull 1 00 

Lucy Cracyhawk 1 00 

Tajiwastewin 1 00 

Taloyutesni 1 00 

Oyekokipapi 25 

Agnes One-elk 1 00 

Susan One-elk 1 00 

Jesse Eaglepipe 25 

Samuel Eaglepipe 25 

Mary Ironthunder 25 

Joseph " 25 

Itekokipapi tawicu 40 

Mrs. Crazy hawk 1 00 

Mrs. Birdbear 50 

Uncage 25 

Mrs. Brave Crow 25 

George Nelson 2 00 

Mrs. A. Derockbrain 5 00 

Bessie Shoestring 5 00 

Lucille Runs away from him 3 00 
Fasthorse's grandchildren 5 00 
Otterrobe 15 

Hantesa el winyan omniciye 
etan Mrs. Iron Crowghost In- 
yanconkaske winyan omniciye 
wamnaye i unkan lena okiyapi. 

Mrs. Alien Hawk and child- 
ren, a wall-tent. 
Wanapeyuza, dress. 
Mrs. Onefeather, cannupahucan- 
sasa wan. 

Mrs. Afraid of Bears, spitonup, 
cannupa wan, hanpa wan, cuwi- 
kna wan. 

Agnes One-elk, wokpan nup^, 
hanpsicu psito, hanpakiklake. 
Uncagelutawin, tahakpayanpi 
okise, ptehincala okise. 

Louise Hairy-chin. 


June 15, 1909. 
Hekta March 4, he ehanl woi- 
yokisice tanka wanji mahiyagle, 
le anpetu kin econhan wicokan- 
hiyaye cin el micunksi, Isabelle, 
amayustan na unyan imayaye, 
waniyetu wanjica. Cantemasice 
cin econhan takuni on amasni kta 
wan wanice na he econhan wo- 
wiyukcan lila ota el mahi, yun- 
kan hankeya wocekiye kin el wa- 
kiyorpaye yunkan taku wanji 

weksuye. Wowapi wakan wico- 
woyake, tukte etu kin lehanl we- 
skuye sni, tka lecel eya. "Wa- 
kanyeja kin el maupikte cin te- 
wicarila sni yo; hena marpiya 
wokiconze kin etanhanpi ce. ' Wi- 
coie kin le el ipawer okarnir mi- 
ciya nacece tka tohanl le weksuye 
cin econhan wocantesice kin ki- 
tanla amayustan selececa. Yun- 
kan waawakipa kin etanhan mi- 
tawacin kin ake aktarci sinasapa 
wocekiye kin etkiya mitawacin, 
na ohinniyan wacinyanpi kin he 
weksuye kta wacin. 

Canpawakpa iyorloke kinle el 
St. Joseph okolakiciye wan un- 
qunpi kin egna taku wanji owa- 
karnige sni na tukte tanhan kesa 
sinasapa okolakiciye opa wanji 
okarnirmaye cin pilamakiye kte. 

Ito, St. Joseph okolakiciye opa 
wan iyayin na Conregational 
okolakiciye etan koska okolaki- 
ciye Y. M. C. A. kin el opa kte 
na wanna Y. M. C, A. kin omni- 
ciye kte yunkan St. Joseph oko. 
etan qun le wota wacekiye sipi, 
nains taku wacekiye sipi, yun- 
kan sinasapa opaye san kaonjin- 
ca wacekiyin kte, kin he toka 
huwo? Ho mitakuye, sinasapa 
owancayakin, tuwe kesas le alu- 
ptapi wacin yelo. Kinhan pila- 
mayayapi ktelo. Mi'takola Eyan- 
paha icu kin. nape ciyuzapi. 

Dick Swan. 


Cheyenne River oka- 
spe el anpetuwakan iyobi wowa- 
pi wakan un waonsewicawakiye 
na lehanl wanna tanyan onspe 
ayapi. yunkan lecel mitawacin. 
Incin Wakantanka ekta taku oki- 
hipi ca sni wanice kin on toke 
owasin he el wanna onspepi ni 
ecanmi na eya Wakantanka ihu- 
kun wowasi ecamu kin he oma- 
kiye kin slolwakiye kin on. He- 
kta waon qon he woartani egna 
kaktihan han cante sica waun; 
yunkan lehanl anpetu iyohi can- 
tewasteya waun. Incin taku sice 
qon he el maun sni rce yelakas; 
wowapi wakan oegle tona iyotan 
mitawacin el maun kin he owa- 
glakin kte, na heon mitakuyepi, 
tona Eyanpaha iyacupi kin hena 
lawapi kte na heon niyepi ekta 
awanicicinpi waste. Incin Jesus 
makats hi na oyate el lecel ewi- 
cakiye: Wicasa 'sica on makata 
hi ca onkokiyakapi na hena on 
el wiblukcan yuha tokeske un- 
ranpi kin onwastepi kta huwo? 
ecanmi. Na heon anpetu iyohila 

wowapi wakan el onspemiciciye, 
yunkan lehantu kin wanna ki- 
tanla se ables able; na heon an- 
petu iyohi cantemawaste yelo, 
epe kin be wake. Incin taku sica 
on canteonsicapi esas slolounki- 
yapi sni; ho inse taku wanji wa- 
kin kta ca on lena owaglake lo. 

Tona St. Joseph oyapapi kin 
otoiyohi okiwanjila awicicinpo; 
taku tokata on kte cin he terike; 
lehanl tuwa paha nais mini kin 
hena ko tokanl egnaka he esas 
wasakala tka tokata wicanagi 
yacopi kte kin he e terike lo. 
Wakantanka etanhan ecela taku 
onkokihipi kte kin yanke esas 
wanonyakapi sni kin heon. Mi- ■ 
takuyepi, toke hena wanlakapi 
ca ayablezapi ni ecanmi, na he- 
on hepelo. Ito, miye kin le wa- 
niyetu yamnila wablawa, wanna 
miyecinkala Lakota iya wowapi 
kin le onmaspe na hececa esa ' 
ake lehanl Wakantanka etkiya 
waonspemiciciye yukan akeowa- , 
kihi, wowistece kin he sice lo. 
Wakantanka el wistecapi sni kin 
he waste. Hekta wi maste ce 
un he takun ni iyokihi sni yelo. 
Hecel mitakuyepi, otoiyohi lecel 
wistece sni Wakantanka el nici- 
conzapi kin awakicinpo; hecel 
taku yacinpi kin he oyakihipi kta. { 
Eya Wakantanka etanhan taku ' 
owakihi qon he owaglakin' kta ca 
heon wowaglake lo. Wowapi, 
wakan wanjigji mitawacin el on j 
qon he wasicu ia ewagnakin kta ! 
ca heon hepe. Hena miyecinka 
onmaspe. Roma 12, chapt. 16. 
"Be of the same mind one to- 
ward another, mind not high 
things but condecend to men of 
law; be not wise in your own 
conceits." Ho he awacanmi kin 
wanji ee. Ito tona le wanlakapi 
kin wowapi wakan ikikcupi na 
lehanyan yawapo. Roma chap- 
ter 12, 16-21. Hetanhan wawi- 
yukcan ota iyacupi kte. 

Inonpa awacanmi kin he le. 
Kor. chapter 3 and 9: Brethern, 
could not speak unto you as un- 
spiritual, but as unto carnal, 
even as unto babes in Christ. 

Oegle inonpa kin hel nakun en 
wilukcanpi kta iyecetu. Wakan- 
yeja kin asanpi kin ecela el on 
icignapi, incin heoncagapi lakas 
he iyecel nis tona St. Joseph el 
niciconzapi kin hena Wakantan- 
ka el ecela on inicagapi kte kin 
yanke lo. Ho mitakuyepi, hena 
el awacannipi kta iyecetu. He- 
hanl nakun Wakantanka etkiya 
niciyuzapi kin hena gluecetu wa- 
cinpo; taku irahan kin he tokeca 

na taku wowicake kin he tokeca 
taku irahan maka akanl on kin 
hena iniquity el wasake kin he 
on mitakuyepi wowapiwakan kin 
le wanlakapi canna iyotan terike. 
Hecel wowacinye nitawapi kin 
gluonihan po; wowapi wakan wi- 
coiye eyanpaha wicowoyake 5, 
na 4, 5, 6, hena yawapo. Eya le- 
hanl wimastecin kta iyemahantu 
tka Wakantanka woeye hecel 
iwanmiciyake heon oiye kin bla- 
otanin kin he el wimastecin kte 
sni ca on miciconze. Ho toke to- 
na koniskapilaka kin hena ogna- 
yan yaunpi ni ecanmi. Ho eya 
takomni oyate el waon na el yu- 
ha waskan na lehanl conala kin 
esa lila walitakape lo. 

Tona St. Joseph el eyanpaha 
yaonpi kin hena wocekiye un mi- 
yeksuyapi ni ecanmi. Nape ci- 
yuzapi. Carl Jackson. 

Cheyenne Agency, June 14, '09. 

Hekta May 16, qon he- 
han omniciye wanji onyuhapi na 
eya wicota ahi, na Bishop omni- 
capi kin heon etanhan Congress 
onyuhapi kte con he e ongnapi 
na tokata omaka kin hehan con- 
gress kin onyuhapi kta onglu- 
stanpi. Hehan wicasawakan on- 
kitawapi kin el on sni, oomani 
yuha kin on wi wanji sam iyeya 
omani na lehanl tiyata on na wo- 
yustan kin le hecetu la kin heon 
nakes blaotanin. Hecetu la sni' 
ecel bluotanin owakihi sni. 

Canke heon tehan nayaronpi 
sni na Sicangu na Oglala na 
Kulwicasa na Conkicakse hena- 
kiya wowapi wicawecagelo. 

Ho hecetu, oyasin cantewaste- 
ya nape ciyuzapi. 

Tansnaon wakpala St. Joseph 
omniciye wowapi kaga, miye. 
Sam Charger. 


To many the fashion of shaking 
hands is utterly absurd; but when 
we understand its origin, it gains 
in dignity, and has, like many 
another strange custom, a good 
reason for existing. 

Back in the olden days, when 
our ancestors where what may be 
called only semi-civilized, each 
man had always near him a weap- 
on of defense. Everyone was his 
own lawgiver, protector, and 
avenger; and carried in his hand 
a club or sword or dagger, as the 
case might warrant. Thus it 
came about that, merely as a 
proof that he was unarmed, he 
offered his chance acquaintance 
his emty right hand. 

What was at first merely a safe 
guard gradually grew into a hab- 
it, and is now an indication of 
friendlyness and good fellowship 
all over the world.